Quilt Auction to benefit Australia Flood Victims

Before I signed up to give proceeds to QLD, I had already started my auction for two weeks and had a bidder. I’ve thought I should let it go to the original end date, but have had some thoughts on this matter.
I am going to town for the first time since waaaaay before Christmas this coming week. It would be nice to mail this to the winning bidder this week, as I have no idea when the next trip will be.
Plus, I have now realized a few bidders thought it was ending with all the others On Jan. 24th.SO!….
I’m going to end the auction tomorrow, Sunday January 30th at 9:00 p.m. (my time here!)Winning bidder, please go to QLD link (click on top left logo)and pay them directly...
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Get best quality used ophthalmic equipment globaldsr

Getting better equipment for eye treatments are always necessary. Since eye test need to be done carefully and even a slight variation in measurement can cause trouble, you should make sure in getting premium quality Ophthalmic Equipment. There are various types of equipment that can help you in getting better result in testing of eye. A slight variation or problem in the equipment can cause diagnose to fail. Since many of the Ophthalmic Equipment is costly, many people are buying Used Ophthalmic Equipment these days. In purchasing the used equipment, you need to make sure that the products are error free and are working in good condition. The products must be tested by an expert before you are purchasing it. 

There are websites like Global DRS that helps people get better quality ophthal...

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Elements Of Your Quilting Design

You can transform your quilt from a Plain-Jane to an Exciting Quilt with simple design elements in your quilting design. Although books are getting better about this, often a book demonstrating a beautiful quilt top design falls short when it comes to suggesting quilting designs.

the quilting design for part of the quilt top, but don’t show how that part connects with the rest of the top.Effective quilting designs don’t need to be intricate and detailed to be effective. A quilter might choose a pattern that simply echoes the pieced or appliqué design, outlines an individual design feature, or creates a grid or series of parallel quilting lines.

In deciding how to quilt your quilt, you should first look at some of the overall design elements of the quilt top, and ask some basic questions, ...

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Explore the Wonderful World of Quilts

A quilt is essentially two layers of fabric with wadding sandwiched between. The top layer of material is the quilt top and the back layer is the backing. These layers of fabric, along with the wadding (also known as batting), are held together by stitching or ties.

Many beginning quilter’s desire to create a quilt comes about after viewing quilts in magazines, at an exhibition or in the homes of friends and family. Once hooked quilter’s are always thinking about their next quilt. The idea for a particular quilt can come from anywhere. Inspiration may begin with a painting, garden or the beauty of a specific piece of fabric.

Much thought goes into each quilt...

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Decorating with Quilts – Holiday by Holiday

it may not be your first thought, including a custom quilt in your holiday plans can make those special days even more special. You may even be surprised to find out how much quilts can add to holiday activities. After all, by their very nature, quilts are warm and wonderful, too!

Quilts for Super Bowl Sunday

It may not be a true holiday, but Super Bowl Sunday might as well be. Cheering every touchdown of the Big Game will be even more fun when you are toasty warm, wrapped in a quilt made in the colors of your favorite team.

Quilts for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is approaching again, and you are looking for a unique way to share the love. But flowers and candy can seem so passé. Instead, give a flower- or candy-themed quilt – it makes that ordinary sentiment extraordinary...

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Make The Best Quilts With The Long Arm Quilting Machine

It is said that the first signs of quilting originated in Egyptian historical clothing artifacts and in the times of the templer knights. It was originally used to re-enforce clothes in order to make them warmer for winter. Contemporary quilting has become a rather work of art instead of a clothing necessity and there are many exhibitions that support the beautiful creations of quilt makers.

The modern technology helps them to express their artistic ideas in modern or traditional patterns of their quilts, using the Long Arm Quilting Machine. It is perfect for the people who want to begin a business related to quilts sale and need to create a larger number of quilts. Therefore, the long arm quilting machine can assure you a high productivity and an increased efficiency.

Before women were ab...

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History of Quilting – An Introduction to Quilting for the Beginner

While the history of quilting is fraught with many examples of possible origins dating back as far as biblical times with the story of Josephs ‘Coat of Many Colors’, it is generally agreed that the more traditional American/European had it’s start with the patchwork quilts in the 1780’s. Patchwork quilts in essence were quilting for the beginner, in that scraps of cloth were sewn together to provide clothing and blankets as a matter of scarcity and necessity.

The very first patchwork quilts used for blankets were layers of cloth sewn together with a few strong running stitches. These primitive patchwork quilts according to the history of quilting resembled the thick and cumbersome pallets which were slept upon...

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