Fabric Hammocks

Is Rope or Fabric the best Pawleys Island Hammock choice?
Pawleys Island Hammock offers you the choice of rope or fabric construction. Each has benefits that may make one or the other more attractive and feasible for your specific personal needs.

The original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock features a woven hammock bed with nautical bowline knots attached to the end of the bed of the hammock. Many fans of the Rope Hammock really like its nautical look that lends an artistic touch to any porch, patio or garden area where it is placed.

In addition, the quality of the hand-woven rope used and the ingenuity of construction makes the Rope Hammock bed soft and comfortable, yet very durable and flexible. The softness of the rope provides a body-hugging lounging experience on this style hammock, designed to support up to 450 pounds.

Rope can be ordered in all natural cotton, mildew-resistant polyester, or DuraCord in a variety of colors ( green, taupe, antique brown, garnet and King’s blue) if matching color to existing decor is an important factor.

Fabric Hammocks from Pawleys Island Hammock are available in a choice of quilted fabric or quick dry fabric. Many customers associate Pawleys Island Fabric Hammocks with taking a carefree island vacation in the Caribbean or Hawaiian Islands.  Testing lab in Jaipur We at Jagdamba lab, provide complete testing services under one roof i.e. testing of water, metals, oil & fats, soil, stones & food items. We undertake Third Party Inspection for Quality and Quantity besides Shipment Inspection.